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Learn how to make your penis bigger easily, find out how to make your penis larger without pills. The question is can you make your penis bigger and longer? The answer.. Yes! You can!

Let’s face it, we men want a big penis. It’s just that simple. It boost our self confidence, our manhood and just our over all thinking about our selves. The question is, how to make your dick bigger.

how to make your penis bigger

How to make Your Dick Bigger – No Pills Method

Welcome to the website of a man who was once among those who had a problem hiding underneath the clothe in their pants – yes, I am talking about our little guy down south.

My friends claimed that I can grow my penis with penile enlargement pills. I wasn’t convinced and couldn’t see how they could work and I don’t like taking pills anyway (you never really what’s in those things).


But you know if I’m really honest I’ve nearly considered taking them as I was desperate but thank god I didn’t waste my money as I’ve never heard a real testimonial from some one who’s had success.

For the record a friend of mine lets call him Tommy Scott, told me he did try penis enlargement pills but none of them worked. Desperate enough, he turned to those blue pills (you know the ones), still all they did was gave him an erection but didn’t really help increase his size. Tommy’s case made me more hesitant to use synthetic pills.

When it comes to penis size worries, you are not alone my friend. Desperation, shame and low-self-esteem are all part of the dilemma. I’ve been there, and I know it’s a horrible place. Feeling nervous what women are thinking when you get down to business.

Thankfully I did come across something that worked miracles for me, I’m pretty lucky as it was one of the first things I’ve tried and I’ve had great success with it. That’s why I thought I’d create this site to help other men just like me and hopefully it will do the same for you.

It’s called John Collin’s The Penis Enlargement Bible . . .

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John Collin refined and developed a natural method that work effectively and lasts permanently. Yes, you’ve heard it right. It lasts FOREVER.

The techniques used by Collin have literally helped me grow my manhood 2.25 inches and add an inch in girth.

Base on personal experience, the PE bible is the right, natural alternative for those people who keep on asking how to grow their penis with no pills. Since I used the methods from Collin’s program, I also noticed I become much more sexually active and I have greater stamina now. I could literally lasts five rounds.


The PE Bible has been used by thousands of men from all over the globe. It has been tested by countless men with a tremendous amount off positive feedback and reviews from those who tried it. You can’t really prove its efficacy with just words so I recommend you go to his website now and try it yourself.

My friend, the day that you’ll stop asking how to increase your girth is soon to arrive.

What is in the Penis Enlargement Bible

The PE Bible does not only aim to grow your little buddy. It also teaches you tactics on how to last longer in bed. I’ve already seen inside out of this 94-page “bible” and my conclusion is that it uses two pillars to deliver full efficacy; 1.) biochemical and, 2.) mechanical techniques.

Penis Enlargement Bible

The biochemical tactics in Penis Enlargement Bible, when used following Collin’s instruction, will force your body to re-create the growth of your organ as it did during your puberty. The mechanical side applies techniques and science-based exercises to grow your penis.

You will learn all the most powerful manual exercises that will add inches in rapid time. These exercises are amazing and are the real core of this program.

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The PE Bible is made up of 7 chapters of detailed analysis, manual techniques and science-based methods to increase girth and tricks on how to stop premature ejaculation.

You”ll learn about erectile dysfunction and the importance of certain biochemical substances that can increase the size of your penis. You will also get to know the natural and no-pill ways to grow your dick. Pages 64-78 give you a list of 28 natural herbs that will boost the growth.

If you are unsatisfied with the result (which I highly doubt because to me it really worked), the author has a 60-day no-more-question money-back guarantee. So if you don’t add inches to your penis you’ll get your money back. No questions ask.

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With my personal experience and what the rest of the PE Bible users said, the best thing about Collin’s methods are their permanent results. For someone who is afraid of synthetic pills, the natural methods and herbs used here are really helpful.

The Penis Enlargement Bible has already been in the market for the past half a decade so it really is a something trust worthy – the very reason why I tried it. Since you can buy it online, no one will know that it exists somewhere on your computer. When Mr.Collin bills you after purchasing, nothing will show that you bought this product as the invoice will only state the company name.

There are two down sides though. First the methods here need dedication and time as it takes weeks to see results. If you are a busy person, it’s more likely that you will ditch the program in no time. Secondly, I don’t like the old-age design of the book. I hope John redesigns it soon, eh.

Overall, aside from the dislike of the book’s appearance and the dedication required, I’d say the Penis Enlargement is the only safe and effective solution to increase girth. Go to the PE Bible’s site now.

How to Make Your Penis Bigger – Penis Enlargement Techniques

The General Types of Penis Enlargement Techniques

Being able to satisfy their partners sexually is something that most if not all men want to achieve. The common penile length of the average man is somewhere within the range of 5.5 inches to 6.5 inches but most men are not content with an average sized penis. They want to have a lengthier penis so they can adequately satisfy their partners sexually. There are various penis enlargement techniques that are available for those men who want to have a longer penis. Here are some of the most common ways through which these can be achieved.

  • Penis Enlargement Pills. A lot of men are also using penile enhancement pills, capsules, and tablets. These are usually taken either once or twice daily. The most common components of these pills are herbal in nature like Male Extra. Chinese medications are also very popularly used as penile enhancers.
  • Penis Enlargement Patches. These patches are preferred by many because using it is very convenient. Moreover, it is also capable of delivering consistent medication levels to the body during the entire day. Absorption of the drug through the transdermal route is also very effective since the components of the patch are easily transported to a person’s blood stream. For increased efficiency and efficacy, the patch is usually made from waterproof materials.
  • Penis Enlargement Surgery. There are two general classifications for penile surgery. One is for the enlargement in penile girth and the other is for penile length. To increase penile girth, a silicone implant is usually placed on the penis itself as well as on the scrotum. For penile length augmentation, this involves releasing two ligaments that are attached to the erectile bodies of the penis. By doing this, the penis will be straighter and longer.
  • Penis Enlargement Exercises. Non-pharmacologic and non-surgical penis enlargement techniques are also available. There are different exercises that can help in augmenting penile length. Jelqing or milking is one of the most common forms of penis exercise. This involves applying force on the penis with the index finger and the thumb. This should be done when the penis is semi-erect. These penile exercises are done to increase the amount of blood that reaches the penis.

How to Make Your Penis Bigger – Penis Enlargement Patch

Majority of men are endowed with an average sized penis which is usually somewhere in the range of 5.5 inches to 6.5 inches. Most of them are not contented with their penile length. This is the reason why penis enhancement products are very popular right now. There are several kinds of these products that are available in the market. Each of these products possesses different features and produces varied results. One of the newest enhancement products introduced into the market is the penis enlargement patch.

Penis Enlargement Patch

How does it work?

The penis enlargement patch works similarly to other penile enhance products. The main difference is the route through which the drug enters the person’s blood stream. In the case of patches, the medication is absorbed transdermally or through the skin. They are usually shaped like squares and are most often made with waterproof materials. Generally, it is placed on the skin for as long as three days to ensure maximum results. After such time, they are usually replaced with a new patch.

What are its benefits over other penis enhancement products?

Penis patch producers claim that they are more effective compared in two general ways.

  • Better absorption. The ingredients of these patches can be assimilated by the body because they do not have to pass through the digestive tract. Instead, they enter the blood stream directly through the skin. This means that a greater concentration of the drug is acquired by the body. This means that every penny spent on buying the patch is not put to waste. In addition, the delivery of the drug is consistent ensuring that the person is supplied with necessary amount of ingredients all throughout the day.
  • More convenient administration. Some people find it very inconvenient to have to take several pills in a day. Most of the time, a lot of individuals forget to take the pills and if they do they do remember, they are unable to take it at the right time. Penis enlargement pills need to be taken at regular times in order for them to deliver consistent effect. With a penis enlargement patch, one does not have to worry about taking the drug several times a day. Also, the patch delivers a consistent amount of medication 24 hours daily provided that the patch is replaced as directed, in most cases once every three days. 
  • Make Your Penis Bigger – Safe Penis Enlargement

    The Different Means of Effective and Safe Penis Enlargement

    Penis enhancers whether they may be in the form of exercises, pills, surgeries, or patches are very popular nowadays. They are advertised widely in the internet and in a number of men’s publications and reading materials. All of them claim to provide a man with an increased penis size. A lot of men fall prey to many of these advertisements because of their desire to increase their penile length and girth. What they don’t realize is that a lot of the penis enhancers have little or no effect at all. That is why, it is very important for one to do adequate research beforehand on what are the safe penis enlargement techniques that are available out there.

    Safe Penis Enlargement

    There are several ways through which one can safely augment his penis size. One way is through the use of penis extenders. There are a lot of brands to choose from; the most popular of which is the SizeGenetics brand. This kind of penis aid is a traction device.

    Penis exercises are also practiced by a lot of men such as the Jelqs. Here, a milking force is applied on the shaft with a penis that is partially erect. By doing exercises such as this, a greater supply of blood volume is encouraged to reach the penis which is very vital in creating and in maintaining an erection.

    Herbal based penis enlargement pills are mostly considered to be safe. They also provide faster results compared to the penile exercises. They work in the same way as the Jelqs exercise which is to increase the blood circulation to the penis.

    It Doesn’t Take Much to Be Careful

    Going for safe penis enlargement techniques should be one’s first choice even though they may not necessarily mean that speedy results can be achieved. If you are not extremely careful, you may wind up performing exercises, taking pills, or undergoing surgical procedures which may actually damage your penis in particular and your health as a whole. It is vital to check out any medications prior to taking them. Make sure that you know what its components are.  For surgeries, determine the credibility of the surgeon, the surgical clinic, and the soundness of the procedure itself. One must also take time to find out about how penis exercises are properly performed so as to avoid any undesirable effects. 

    Make Your Penis Bigger Naturally – Will Herbs And Exercises Make Your Penis Bigger?

    Want to make your penis bigger? There is an array of natural pills available in the market but they may have some kind of side effects. Also, there are some extensions and surgeries available too but they are very costly and are going to have some serious side effects again. Hence, it is suggested that you opt for natural treatments and exercises to make your penis bigger rather than consuming these pills or opting for extensions.

    There are some herbs available easily that can help you make your penis bigger and that too without causing side effects. These are herbs that have been used for generations and are relatively safe. In fact, they also provide you with extended benefits like enhanced and prolonged libido along with increasing sexual pleasure. It is possible to make your penis bigger with the help of herbs like Pasak Bumi. This herb is known to increase the levels of testosterone and make your penis bigger by causing permanent enlargement. This applies to the penis along with the areas of the testicles too. A lot of Indonesians claim that they can make your penis bigger and provide you with super-charged libido with the help of this drug. The potency of this herb is in its roots.

    Apart from these, one can also opt for exercises to make your penis bigger the natural way. It is suggested that you tug or pull the organ lightly and then stretch it. Make sure you are stretching in a direction that is opposite of you. It is best to stretch to the left first and then to the right. After this, stretch both forward and upward, repeated the exercise at least ten times, to make your penis bigger. It should be kept in mind that these exercises should be done at least twice a day. It is best to first do it in the morning and then at night also. A lot of people experience faster results by doing it at least 4-5 times a day.

    You can also make your penis bigger by trying a technique called Jelqing, which has been practiced and used randomly in the Middle East. Through this technique, it is possible to make your penis bigger and this efficient technique provides sure-shot results. The organ or penis is warmed up with the help of a lubricant. Once it is semi erect, it is squeezed, stroked and played with to ensure a gush of blood flow. However, you have to tightly hold the organ to keep the blood in place. Again, this should be done without hurting yourself.

    After this you should start moving your other hand and keep moving the penis back and forth. This helps the organ to receive the much required flow of blood and thus make your penis bigger. It also helps the muscle fibers to break downs and hence the veins are enlarged. As a result an individual is able to get a longer and larger erection and thus make your penis bigger.

    How Do Dick Pills plus Exercises Work?

    Dick pills and exercises work together in synergy.

    To start with, dick pills are designed to increase the blood circulation in the penile area. The promoted blood flow to the dick results in improved sexual response and sex drive. What is more important, it maximizes the effect of regular dick exercise routines; the blood is pushed into the Corpora Cavernosa to expand them, thus increasing their capacity.



    Furthermore, quality dick enhancers contain ingredients, specially selected for their healing qualities. This further enhances the effect of penis exercises by promoting tissue healing and growth, and helping your dick to recover faster after exercise sessions.

    Thus, natural penis pills in conjunction with proper penis exercises will make your dick bigger faster, naturally, effectively, and risk-free.

    Tips for penis enlargement

    There are actually lots of tips for penis enlargement. Three of the best tips are mentioned below:

    tips for penis enlargement

    Tip 1: Proper intake of vitamins, minerals, and observing a well balanced diet. Just like growing muscle, increasing your penis size also requires you to take in good food. A balance of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables coupled with high protein is a good combination for you to achieve the best results. These foods will surely augment your Penis Advantage exercises and may even speed up penile growth unexpectedly.

    Observing a balanced diet also comes with abstinence from harmful vices such as alcohol and smoking. Did you know that alcohol is a depressant that can even hinder you from attaining good erections? Similarly, smoking has been implicated to cause blood vessel constrictions that can impede blood flow to the penis thus depriving proper blood supply for it to become firm.

    Tip 2: Secondly, go natural! Without a doubt, the best approach to penis enlargement is staying away from all the unnatural means of enlarging your penis like taking in pills and other medicines. These drugs are said to offer lots of undesirable side effects which are detrimental to one’s health. In this regard, the Penis Advantage program is said to be an all-natural approach to penis enlargement. All of its tips for penis enlargement are pure physical penile exercises that every man can easily follow.

    Tip 3: Lastly, one of the best tips for penis enlargement is to be motivated and to stay motivated. This is actually the most important technique of Penis Advantage – promise yourself to continue the program until the very end.

    On the contrary, many actually worry as to what may happen to the positive change that they have incurred during the program when they already reach the point of ending the regimen. Well, it is good news to everyone that Penis Advantage is actually one of the few programs around that promises permanent results. You never have to doubt the regimen and think that your penis will return to its original size if you cease the program.